Digital Interpretive Trail

A solution for promoting nature through games

EcoBalade is an innovative solution for managers of natural areas, local authorities, tourist offices… who wish to promote ecotourism on their territory (interpretive trail, pedagogic trail, or discovery trail for heritage interpretation). website is the main entry point for the discovery of interpretive trails.
On the website, visitors can select and prepare their walk by sorting by type of trail, difficulty, distance to be traveled or geographical location… They have access to all hikes and walks, and also to all the species factsheets (more than 1500). Users can also post comments or pictures of their discovery trails.


Sentier d'interpretation
National Nature Reserve of Cape Sizun - Bretagne Vivante
“A truly innovative concept at the service of the discovery of nature! A good pair of shoes, the EcoBalade app, and let’s go!”

Educational Trail

An interpretive trail or discovery trail is a tourist infrastructure which allows users to know and above all, to decrypt the environment they cross. It gives them the scientific keys to understand the aspect of the places. Depending on the nature and context of the sites, the trail can be accompanied by an eco-museum, a wildlife observation post, and sports workshops.


A free mobile app for nature

Available for free on Play Store (Android) and Apple Store, the EcoBalade application allows you to select and record one or more walks on your smartphone in anticipation of the routes you wish to take.
Once downloaded, the walks are then available and accessible in total autonomy, even without internet connection.  

The application offers, for each walk, a list of potentially visible species (birds, plants...) in its immediate environment. Each species is illustrated with pictures and infographics that enrich and deepen its knowledge. A determination key facilitates the recognition of plant species. Trees or flowers observed, are thus easily identifiable in a few clicks. The observations collected during the walks can finally be recorded in a field notebook, in order to be consulted later.

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