A powerful solution for field inventories

Facilitate your data entry and boost your reports creation

Data are not always identified as a strategic issue by companies and territories. However, at a time when we are more and more talking about knowledge economy, we observe that geolocalized data are an invaluable treasure for actors of the territory (impact studies, naturalistic inventories, sociological data, field observations).

Whether you are responsible for a database in a local authority, a research/study office, or a sensitive natural space, EcoRelevé allows you to enter, validate, consult, and share a large amount of data in tense flows, allowing you to improve your quality of service and to free up time for your high value-added missions. EcoRelevé is a turnkey solution to your naturalist or environmental database management issues.

ecoReleve gestion de données naturaliste

Simplified field inventories

You are now done with Excel or paper notes thanks to EcoRelevé which allows you to easily enter and track your territorial data. In fact, thanks to its customizable entries masks and constrained fields you will be sure of your data quality and integrity.


Relevé de terrains

Naturalist or environmental database

No matter what your inventory theme is (fauna, flora, habitat, landscape, town planning, heritage, waste…), EcoRelevé allows you to import or create your own contexts, protocols, taxonomic and geographic frames of reference.

Base de données naturaliste

Digital cartography advanced Tools

EcoRelevé allows you to manage all types of geometries (dots, lines, polygons, raster and meshes), Raster layers, background maps (IGN, Landsat, BD ortho) and to import or export all types of formats GIS (ArcGIS SHP, Mapinfo, KML, GML).

Import de sources de relevés

Integration into your workflow and interoperability with your existing tools

We are aware that your information system has taken time to be implemented. That is why EcoRelevé simply interfaces with your GIS server (ArcGIS, QGIS, GeoServer, or GeoNetwork) and with your database server (PostGreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, ORACLE, and Access).


We are grateful to H.H. Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and President of the International Fund for Houbara Bustards Conservation (IFHC), and to H.E. Mohammed Al Bowardi, Deputy Chairman of IFHC, for their support.

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